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Awesome Flyfishing in the Nantahala River

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A little known area above Lake Nantahala where the Nantahala river flows into the lake is an awesome area for fly fishing. It is known as the Rainbow Springs area, which is located above the Nantahala Lake. It is a remote area, surrounded and bordered by 5+ miles of national forest. It’s not well known, but this part of the river actually has its own salmon run during the late fall! (bet you didn’t know that) The fish exit the lake and run up the river to an wilderness area known as the “standing Indian” area. I have listings of properties that are only on the river and some properties that have both lake front and river front because they are located right where the river and lake meet. (lakefront/riverfront is a totally unique value ) These are all located in a protected locked gated community and most be shown by Realtor. Do not venture down this road even if the gate is open… you may get locked in and its a long walk out of there!!! Also, some of the properties are located on the other side of river and can only be accessed by driving and fording through the Nantahala River at known groomed river crossings. They require good SUV and local knowledge!

Not only am a realtor, I am also an avoid fly fishing guy and really love this area. Anyone that is looking for awesome fly fishing cabin property would also love this area. I don’t believe anything else with unique features exists like this in the south east. I am knowledgeable on other trout water areas (the snowbirds, Hiawassee and other wilderness areas in the greater Nantahala National Forest areas. I will post more information on future blogs related to Fishing and Grouse Hunting areas. Please feel free to drop me a line is this is use full for you.

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