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Snowbird Backcountry Real Estate

If you’re looking for the perfect wilderness type of escape,  then look in an area known as Snowbird Backcountry.  The name derives from two rivers, Big and Little Snowbird, as well as a mountain range which finds itself on most maps of Western North Carolina.   Perfect spot to find properties and have private hideaways, breathtaking Views and gorgeous streams, creeks and bold mountain rivers.    It’s nestled in the western most part of North Carolina and lies against Tennessee.   Graham County is full of history, namely because of native Cherokee Indians past and present.   This is a unique county unspoiled of its natural beauty because approximately 75% is dedicated to national forest with numerous rivers, streams, water falls , lakes, and virgin forests, not to mention mountains views with elevations exceeding 5,000 feet.  Snowbird  area is best known as a Hunting and fishing paradise.   Little Snowbird, Buffalo, Squally, Big Snowbird, Rattlesnake rivers/creeks provide some of the best trout fishing in North America  is located in the remote Snowbird backcountry.